Core Themes

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Core Themes

Core Theme I: Workforce and Economic Development  

Objective 1: Provide quality professional/technical education for employment, skills enhancement, and career development.

  1. Student performance
  2. Demonstration of program competencies
  3. Licensure/certification rates
  4. Placement rate in the workforce

Objective 2: Partner with business, community groups, and other educational entities to provide workforce development and customized programs and services.

  1. Employer satisfaction
  2. Relevance of programs
  3. Client assessment of programs and services


Core Theme II: Transfer and Academic Preparation  

Objective 1: Ensure that learners who are under prepared for college level studies have access to developmental coursework and bridge opportunities to college level work.

  1. Basic skills achievement
  2. Academic performance of developmental education students
  3. Proportion of students placing directly into college level math

Objective 2: Offer courses and support for students to meet the requirements for transfer from Lower Columbia College.

  1. Student performance
  2. Transfer Eligibility
  3. Demonstration of General Education Outcomes

Objective 3: Provide the support for transfer students to successfully transition to upper division college and university programs.

  1. Academic transfer rate
  2. Relevance of programs (academic success after transfer)


Core Theme III: Student Access, Support and Completion

Objective 1: Offer a full array of educational programs and support services to meet the diverse needs of Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties.

  1. Participation rates of persons age 17 and above who live within the College’s service district
  2. Participation rate of diverse student populations
  3. Enrollment

Objective 2: Provide students with the support needed to pursue and achieve their educational goals. 

  1. Student persistence
  2. Student progress/completion
  3. Student satisfaction with support services
  4. Success of academic support programs
  5. Faculty-student engagement


Core Theme IV: Institutional Excellence  

Objective 1: Demonstrate our commitment to institutional integrity by investing in our campus, students and employees. 

  1. Professional development of faculty and staff
  2. Faculty/staff satisfaction and morale
  3. Condition of infrastructure

Objective 2: Uphold our reputation for high quality and contribute to the value of the community by promoting excellence in our programs, services and activities.

  1. External perceptions/satisfaction with LCC
  2. Student/graduate satisfaction with instruction
  3. Cultural enrichment of students and community


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