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Enrollment Information

Admission - 360.442.2311

All new students must apply for admission. Students interested in taking classes at LCC can find helpful information online at or on campus at the Admissions Center. The Entry Center staff provides information on enrolling for classes, placement testing, programs and courses, GED testing, and advising. More information about getting started is also available on the Welcome page of this catalog located at

Advising -  360.442.2370

Academic advising is a valued and trusted service on our campus. Students receive information, support, and guidance from program and entry advisors while planning their education. Advisors are assigned based on their knowledge in the student’s stated area of interest, field of study and career path. Advisors provide information about general college programs and procedures, plus advise on specific course selection.

Students who plan to earn a degree or certificate at LCC or who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate institution must meet with an advisor before registering for classes each quarter. All new students get to attend a New Student Orientation and can sign up for a session at the testing window in the Admission Center.

Current students contact their program advisors (usually a faculty member) to plan a schedule and receive their quarterly online registration PIN. Assistance with contacting an advisor is available from the Entry Center. Program planners for most programs are available online at

Students not planning to earn a degree or to transfer may still request help from an advisor through the Entry Center.

Entry Center - 360.442.2311

The Entry Center provides enrollment information and general help to get started at LCC. New student advising is coordinated through the Entry Center, located in the Admissions Center. Returning students may also request program advisor information at the Entry Center.

High School and Younger (Special Admissions)

Current high school students may enroll in LCC courses with the approval of their high school principal and an LCC counselor or through the Running Start Program. See the High School Diploma, Running Start, and Tech Prep sections of this catalog for information about enrolling in LCC through these programs. Students younger than high school age should contact the LCC Registrar to begin the special admission process.

International Student Admissions - 360.442.2313

LCC welcomes students from around the world! New applications are accepted year-round for Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer Quarter.

To be considered for admission to LCC, international student applicants must submit the following to the International Student Programs Office:

  1. International Student Application
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Proof of Finances
  4. Official Transcripts from high schools, other colleges or universities, or language programs*
  5. $50 Application Fee

Transfer students and students requesting change of visa status must also submit the following:

  1. Copy of Passport including I-94 and U.S. Visa pages
  2. Copy of current I-20
  3. Transfer-In Form

When all required documents have been received, the applicant will be considered for admission.  If approved for admission, the applicant will receive an I-20 and acceptance packet by mail.

International students must complete at least 12 credits per term and earn a minimum GPA of 2.00 to maintain F-1 visa status and satisfactory academic standing at LCC. International students must pay all tuition and fees by the deadlines set forth by the Registration Office.  International students must also provide proof of health insurance, including repatriation coverage, while enrolled at LCC.

*Foreign Transcript Evaluation:  Students submitting transcripts from schools outside of the U.S. must have their transcripts translated and evaluated, on a course-by-course basis, by any member agency of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (

New Student Orientation - 360.442.2311

New LCC students participate in a New Student Orientation session that provides strategies for college success. Students learn where to find helpful resources both on campus and on the LCC website.  While at NSO students not only learn to navigate our campus but are provided everything necessary to prepare for the first day of college. In NSO students will register for their first quarter classes and leave with all the information needed to be start their college journey. New students sign up for a New Student Orientation at the testing window in the Admission Center or call 360.442.2353

Placement Assessment  - 360.442.2311

Students who plan to earn a degree or certificate at LCC, or who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate institution, must take the placement assessment or equivalent before enrolling. Placement assessments in reading, writing, and mathematics help students select the right courses to match his or her needs and interests.

LCC uses multiple measures to determine course placement. Results and course recommendations are typically provided immediately upon completion of the testing session. Advisors use these placement results and course recommendations to help students plan their class schedules. Placement recommendations must be followed, although a student may re-test once if a placement assessment is used for course placement. Additional measures used for placement include college courses, Smarter Balanced Assessment, High School Transfer Agreements (HSTA) or Transitional Studies test completion.

Placement assessments are offered Monday through Thursday on a walk-in basis.

Purchasing Textbooks & Supplies - 360.442.2240

Lower Columbia College Bookstore, located in the Student Center, sells both textbooks and supplies required for LCC classes. Students can order books online at

Registration - 360.442.2370

New students register for classes in their new student orientation session. In future quarters, students can register online after meeting with their program advisor and obtaining a quarterly registration PIN. The Registration Office is located in the Admissions Center.

Registration dates and deadlines are published in the quarterly LCC Class Schedule available online, by mail and on campus before each quarter’s registration period begins. Registration at LCC is prioritized so that degree- and certificate-seeking students nearest to graduation, who have met with their faculty advisors, register before newer students. Students should discuss alternative classes with their advisors since some of the classes may fill before their registration time. Online registration is available to continuing students.

To access records and to conduct other business online at; students need a Student ID number and Global PIN. To access their quarterly registration appointment date and time, students will need their Student ID number and Global PIN. This information is provided by the Registration Office.

Currently enrolled students will meet with their program advisor prior to registering each quarter. Program advisors provide a quarterly PIN number, needed to access the online registration system.

Students placed in the incorrect English, Human Development, Mathematics and Physical Education classes are allowed to make changes through the tenth day of instruction.

Complete registration details and deadlines are published in the quarterly LCC Class Schedule available online, by mail and on campus.

Schedule Changes

Students can change their scheduled classes after registering as follows:

  • Online through the third day of each quarter OR
  • In person by completing a Change of Registration form at the Registration Office by the published deadline.

Students receiving financial aid funding must consult the financial aid office prior to making any schedule changes.


Students may withdraw from some or all of their classes through Friday of the eighth week of the quarter. If the class ends before the end of the quarter, a student may withdraw through the last day of class. If a student stops attending a class without officially withdrawing, he or she will remain on the roster and receive a grade accordingly.

To officially withdraw, a student must obtain a withdrawal form from the Registration Office, consult with the instructor if possible, consult with the Financial Aid office if receiving aid, and return the completed form to the Registration Office.

Students who complete the withdrawal procedure after the 10th day of classes will receive a grade of W (“withdrawal”) for the course. Students suspected of academic dishonesty may not withdraw from a course to avoid consequences resulting from academic dishonesty until there is a resolution through the student conduct process.

Students who don’t attend any classes during the first five instructional days of the quarter, or contact the instructor, may be withdrawn from the class(es). Students withdrawn in this manner will receive a grade of V (instructor-initiated withdrawal) for the course(s).

Students are responsible for understanding the impact of withdrawing on their financial aid. Students are encouraged to review the Financial Aid Handbook or visit the Financial Aid office for information.


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