Faculty & Administrators with Emeritus Status

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Faculty & Administrators with Emeritus Status

Dr. Vernon Pickett, President Emeritus, 1997

Dr. Donald Fuller, Dean Emeritus, 1998

Mr. Hilmar Kuebel, Dean Emeritus, 1999

Mr. Bruce Cardwell, Trustee Emeritus, 2000

Mr. Gary Healea, Trustee Emeritus, 2005

Dr. Kurtz Carpenter, Faculty Emeritus, 2005

Mr. Lionel Livermore, Faculty Emeritus, 2005

Ms. Carol McNair, Faculty Emeritus, 2006

Ms. Ann Mottet, Trustee Emeritus, 2006

Dr. Clint Benjamin, Faculty Emeritus, 2008

Mr. Lyle Lovingfoss, Trustee Emeritus, 2009

Ms. Kathy Demarest, Faculty Emeritus, 2010

Ms. Mary Harding, Vice President Emeritus, 2010

Ms. Mary Stone, Faculty Emeritus, 2011

Ms. Helen Kuebel, Dean Emeritus, 2011

Dr. James McLaughlin, President Emeritus, 2011

Mr. Mike Dugaw, Faculty Emeritus, 2011

Mr. George Dennis, Faculty Emeritus, 2011

Mr. Richard Kelley, Faculty Emeritus, 2011

Dr. Jerry Zimmerman, Faculty Emeritus, 2013

Ms. Kathy Meier, Faculty Emeritus, 2014

Mr. Don Correll, Faculty Emeritus, 2017

Mr. Dave Cordero, Faculty Emeritus, 2017

Ms. Darlene de Vida, Faculty Emeritus, 2017

Ms. Sharon Layton, Faculty Emeritus, 2017

Dr. Joel Schaaf, Faculty Emeritus, 2017

Mr. Mark Bergeson, Faculty Emeritus, 2018

Mr. Joseph Green, Faculty Emeritus, 2019

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