Core Themes

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Core Themes

Core Theme One: Workforce and Economic Development  

  1. Provide quality professional/technical education for employment, skills enhancement, and career development.
    • Student performance
    • Demonstration of program competencies
    • Licensure/certification rates
    • Placement rate in the workforce
  2. Partner with business, community groups, and other educational entities to provide workforce development and customized programs and services.
    • Employer satisfaction
    • Relevance of programs
    • Client assessment of programs and services

Core Theme Two: Transfer and Academic Preparation  

  1. Ensure that learners who are under-prepared for college level studies have access to developmental coursework and bridge opportunities to college level work.
    • Basic skills achievement
    • Academic performance of developmental education students
  2. Offer courses and support for students to meet the requirements for transfer from Lower Columbia College.
    • Student performance
    • Transfer readiness
    • Demonstration of General Education Outcomes
  3. Provide the support for transfer students to successfully transition to upper division college and university programs.
    • Academic transfer rate
    • Relevance of programs (academic success of transfer students after transfer)

Core Theme Three: Student Access, Support and Completion

  1. Offer a full array of educational programs and support services to meet the diverse needs of Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties.
    • Participation rates
    • Enrollment
  2. Provide students with the support needed to pursue and achieve their educational goals.
    • Student persistence
    • Student completion
    • Student satisfaction with support services
    • Success of academic support programs
    • Faculty-student engagement

Core Theme Four: Institutional Excellence  

  1. Demonstrate our commitment to institutional integrity by investing in our campus, students and employees.
    • Employee satisfaction and morale
    • Condition of infrastructure
  2. Uphold our reputation for high quality and contribute to the value of the community by promoting excellence in our programs, services and activities.
    • External perceptions/satisfaction with LCC
    • Student satisfaction with instruction
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