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Environmental Science

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ENVS 150Environment & Society: DIV5 CR NSCI, DIVF, W

Introduces the interdisciplinary field of environmental science with an emphasis on the disproportionate impacts environmental problems have on human societies, especially low-income and minority groups. Major concepts include ecology, biodiversity, natural resources, toxicology, population, climate change, and environmental justice. Explores current environmental problems and solutions through case studies set in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America.

Prerequisite: None

ENVS 215Environmental Issues & Applications5 CR NSCI, NSLSp

Examines, analyzes, and solves problems stemming from many of today's most pressing issues: natural resources, energy, toxic and hazardous compounds, and human population. Uses a case study approach to investigate these issues with an emphasis on four overlapping themes: climate change, environmental toxicology, conservation biology and restoration ecology, and sustainability. Field trips may be required. Laboratory is included.

Prerequisites: ENGL& 101 or consent of instructor, MATH 087 or MATH 088 or TECH 088.

ENVS 288Cooperative Work Experience1 CR - 15 CR

Provides work-based learning experience in a specific program of study. Individualized student outcomes are developed, focusing on behaviors that contribute to workplace success.

Prerequisites: Instructor or Cooperative Education Coordinator permission Concurrent requirements: COLL 289 or BTEC 294 or BUS 294 or IT 294 must be taken prior to or concurrent with this course.

ENVS 299Independent Study1 CR - 10 CR

Offers individualized learning opportunities for knowledge or skill development. Content and expectations are established between the student and instructor, and documented in an Independent Study contract.

Prerequisites: By instructor permission only.

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