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HLTH 100Occupational Safety and Health3 CR REELS, F, W, Sp

Introduces fundamental concepts and practices related to safety and hygiene in the work place, including bloodborne and airborne pathogens, AIDS awareness and risk reducing behaviors. First Aid/CPR-D training is included. Students are issued First Aid/CPR-D Health Care Provider card upon completion.

Prerequisite: None

HLTH 105First Aid, CPR And Bloodborne Pathogens1 CR REELS, F, W, Sp

Instructs students in First Aid and adult, child and infant CPR through the American heart Association for healthcare providers including AED training. Students will receive first aid and CPR certification with completion of this course. This course will also cover bloodborne pathogen training, which students will also receive certification in with the completion of the course.

Prerequisite: None

HLTH 106Health and Wellness2 CR ELECF, W, Sp

Analyzes a vast array of information on the dangers of risky health behaviors and the benefits of healthy decisions as it affects one's life. Emphasis will be on personal decision-making and positive behavioral changes toward the goal of wellness as a lifestyle.

Prerequisite: None

HLTH 110Personal Health2 CR REEL

Discusses a wide variety of major health topics. Students will look at the health topics from a personal perspective and will identify ways to enhance their own personal health and wellness. Topics may include but are not limited to: nutrition, fitness, cancer, cardiovascular disease, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, stress, relationships, psychological health, environmental health, pregnancy and childbirth, and weight management.

Prerequisite: None

HLTH 135Food and Fitness2 CR ELEC

Explores two components of a healthy lifestyle; nutrition and exercise. Introduces basic concepts of nutrition and healthy dietary choices. Provides information necessary for developing a safe, well-rounded exercise program.

Prerequisites: None

HLTH 245Health and Exercise Behavior Change3 CR ELECW

Explores the relationship between exercise, physical health and mental health. Covers exercise and mood, personality traits, nutrition behavior, and group dynamics. Includes application of practical skills related to working with others to promote exercise adherence and health and exercise intervention.

Prerequisites: None

HLTH 288Cooperative Work Experience1 CR - 15 CR

Provides work-based learning experience in a specific program of study. Individualized student outcomes are developed, focusing on behaviors that contribute to workplace success.

Prerequisites: Instructor or Cooperative Education Coordinator permission Concurrent requirements: COLL 289 or BTEC 294 or BUS 294 or IT 294 must be taken prior to or concurrent with this course.

HLTH 299Independent Study1 CR - 10 CR

Offers individualized learning opportunities for knowledge or skill development. Content and expectations are established between the student and instructor, and documented in an Independent Study contract.

Prerequisites: By instructor permission only.

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