Cooperative Education (Credit for Work Experience)

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Cooperative Education (Credit for Work Experience)

Through cooperation between the student, instructor and an employer, one credit can be earned for every 33 hours of work related to a program of study at LCC. Many LCC programs have established Cooperative Education courses (numbers 288/289). Students may enroll for a maximum of 15 credits toward a degree or certificate program; 1-5 credits of work experience (288) per quarter, plus a one-credit seminar (289) option. Cooperative work experience may be paid or volunteer work related to your program of study. Work Study jobs may qualify.

Students will be assigned to an instructor in the related field of study to guide them through the work-based learning process. Students will develop learning objectives with the assistance of an LCC instructor and job site supervisor, applying the theories, concepts and methods learned in the classroom to a real job setting. Students also take a one-credit Cooperative Education seminar to build a portfolio or research a work-related topic to help prepare for future employment.

To participate, students need to have completed nine credits of program-related courses and have at least a 2.0 GPA. To enroll, students must have permission from their LCC program instructors and receive entry codes for registration and the required agreements each quarter from the Cooperative Education office. Independent Study (299) credits also count toward the 15-credit maximum.

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