Worker Retraining

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Worker Retraining

Worker Retraining is a state-funded program that provides job-related training and employment services to dislocated and unemployed workers to help them gain additional training in their field or to get started on a new career.  Students may receive additional funding to help pay for retraining tuition, books and fees or “jump-start” funding while waiting financial aid approval. 

Students may also need to take additional steps to keep their unemployment benefits while attending training and possibly qualify to receive additional unemployment benefits. The college works with the Employment Security Department and other community agencies to provide services to dislocated workers. LCC offers educational planning, advising, and assistance with admissions, registration, and financial aid processes. 

Worker Retraining Eligibility

Students may be eligible for Worker Retraining if they:

  • Are currently receiving unemployment benefits
  • Have received unemployment benefits in the last 48 months.
  • Will be losing their job in the immediate future
  • Were self-employed but due to economic downturn or natural disaster have become unemployed or underemployed.
  • Are a displaced homemaker (were dependent on another’s income and that income ended due to a change of domestic circumstances)
  • Are underemployed
  • Are enrolled in a professional-technical degree or certificate program.

See below for contact and other important information.

Phone number: (360) 442-2334
Located in Admissions Center (ADC)

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