Substance Use Disorder Studies

Associate in Applied Science - Transfer (AAS-T)

Substance Use Disorder Studies


About The Program

The Substance Use Disorder program provides courses to meet the educational requirements of the State WAC 246-811-030 for licensure of Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP). The curriculum includes the understanding of the following topics specific to alcohol and drug addiction treatment of individuals: Pharmacological actions of alcohol and other drugs; treatment methods; record keeping and case management; cultural diversity; health issues; community resources; individual and group counseling; relapse prevention; working with specific groups, such as youth and families; and professional and ethical responsibilities. This program meets the academic requirements to apply for admittance into Lower Columbia's Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Organizational Leadership and Technical Management which prepares professionals for positions in leadership, technical management and supervision.

For a roadmap that identifies the preferred sequencing of courses and other specific recommendations from faculty, please see the corresponding program map(s):

Program Requirements

SUDS 101* Intro to Substance Use Disorders 5
SUDS 102* Intro to Theories and Counseling 3
SUDS 107 Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Assess/Treat 3
SUDS 110* Alcohol/Drug Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 3
SUDS 111* Record Keeping and Case Management 3
SUDS 113 Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Methods 3
SUDS 121* SUD Professional and Ethical Responsibilities 3
SUDS 201 SUD and the Family System 3
SUDS 202 SUD Counseling with Diverse Populations 3
SUDS 203 Relapse Prevention and Intervention 3
SUDS 215* Group Counseling: Theories/Applications 3
SUDS 220 Co-Occurring Disorders 3
SUDS 288 Cooperative Work Experience 10
COLL 289* Employment Portfolio Seminar 1
HLTH 100 Occupational Safety and Health 3
PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology 5


(choose 2 or 3 of the following for a minimum of 8 credits)

SUDS 105 Substance Use Disorders/Domestic Violence 3
SUDS 109 Process of Addiction/Compulsive Behaviors 4
SUDS 114 Suicide Assessment/Prevention/Crisis Mgmt 2
PSYC& 220

Abnormal Psychology

(PSYC& 220 not offered every quarter. Check with advisor.)


Diversity and Distribution Lists are available in the Lower Columbia College Catalog located at

Total credits required to earn this degree: 90-92 with a "C" or higher in the program requirements.

*These SUDS courses must be completed along with Math, English, Psychology, and Natural Science requirements to be eligible for your field work credits.

Students completing this program should acquire the following skills and abilities:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking by applying objective, valid methods of inquiry and problem solving to draw rational, ethical, and coherent conclusions to client situations in chemical dependency.
  • Demonstrate competency in chemical dependency principles, topics, knowledge and skills. 
  • Communicate effectively with faculty, peers, clients, client family systems, health care professionals, community agencies and the judicial system. 
  • Incorporate interpersonal skills and caring behaviors in interactions with faculty, peers, clients, client family systems, health care professionals, community agencies, the judicial system and employers. 
Revised February 2023 (effective Summer 2023)


Program planning is based on information available at the time of preparation. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with their LCC advisor. Consult the LCC catalog for LCC graduation requirements.


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