Financial Aid

Financial Aid

How can financial aid be used?

Financial aid can be used to pay tuition and fees as well as other expenses such as books, supplies, housing, transportation, and other living expenses.

Who is eligible for financial aid?

There are state and federal sources of financial aid. If you are a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S., you can apply for federal and state financial aid using the FAFSA. If you are ineligible for federal financial aid due to immigration status, you can apply for state financial aid using the WASFA. More information is available about the financial aid application process at

What types financial aid are available?


Grants are need-based aid and generally do not have to be repaid. They include: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Washington College Grant, College Bound Scholarship, Passport to College, Early Achievers Grant, and Opportunity Grant. Other grant resources include Worker Retraining, Basic Food Employment Training (BFET), and emergency assistance.

Work-Study Employment

Students can request a work-study job as part of their Financial Aid package. LCC staff will help students determine their eligibility. Students may work on or off campus for up to 19 hours a week while attending school. LCC participates in both the federal and state work-study programs. A limited number of student help jobs are also available.


LCC offers Federal Direct Loans and parent (PLUS) loans up to the cost of attendance. The maximum loan amount awarded depends on student need, dependent status, and year in college. Students must complete loan counseling and a master promissory note. PLUS applicants use a separate loan application.


LCC's online scholarship application system allows students to apply for multiple scholarships with a single application. Award amounts vary. Scholarship applications are typically available during spring quarter for the upcoming academic year.


Resident veterans who served in a combat zone or who provided direct support to American soldiers in a combat zone may qualify for special tuition rates and other financial aid. Assistance with completing the process to apply for college funds, veteran's health benefits and other help is provided by the Veterans' Affairs Coordinator's office. To get started, veterans need Copy #4 of their DD Form 214, Report of Separation from Active Service.

How to learn more about the different types of aid available

Learn more about different sources of funding at

How to apply for financial aid

Students apply for financial aid online through the financial aid page on the LCC website. Computers are available for student use in the Admissions Center. Priority deadlines are set for each quarter to allow 3-6 weeks for an application to be processed. Priority dates are published at

How to know if financial aid is awarded

Students will be notified of any financial aid awards through ctcLink. In ctcLink, students can view and update their financial aid awards by going to the 'Student Center' and selecting "View Financial Aid."

If a student applies for financial aid and registers for classes, it is assumed they are accepting the financial aid award. Students who decide not to attend LCC must notify Financial Aid to cancel their award by Friday of the first week of classes.

The student should also review information about class changes or academic progress that might affect the award.

Maintaining financial aid eligibility

To continue receiving financial aid, students must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards established by the applicable state and federal financial aid programs. Students who fail to meet these standards may be placed on financial aid warning or lose their financial aid. Students can review Satisfactory Academic Progress standards online at

Reinstating financial aid eligibility

If financial aid eligibility was suspended at LCC, a student may request that their financial aid eligibility be reinstated once they have met the standards for reinstatement. Information about the reinstatement process is available in the Financial Aid Office.

See below for contact and other Important Information.

Phone numbers:
Financial Aid: (360) 442-2390 
Student loan coordinator: (360) 442-2393 
Veterans Office: (360) 442-2395 
One-Stop Center: (360) 442-2233

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