A refund of tuition and eligible fees will be made to students or to financial aid programs for students who officially withdraw from classes according to the schedule below.

  • Withdrawal prior to the sixth day of instruction of the quarter: 100%.
  • Withdrawal on or after the sixth day of instruction of the quarter and within the first 20 calendar days of the quarter: 50%.
  • Withdrawal after the 20th calendar day of the quarter: 0%.
  • Refunds are prorated for classes with non-standard start or end dates. Short classes will be refunded based on the percentage of the class completed. Contact the Registration Office for exact refund deadlines for classes that do not follow the standard academic calendar.

Check the academic calendar on the LCC website for exact dates. When the college cancels a class, a full refund is made. Fees other than tuition and incidental fees are not refunded. Special refund policies apply to Continuing Education classes.

See below for contact and other important information:

Phone number: (360) 442-2210
Financial Aid Located in Admissions Center (ADC)
Cashiering Located in Admissions Center (ADC)

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