Measuring & Tracking Outcomes

Measuring & Tracking Outcomes

There isn't one right way to measure and track outcomes, and ultimately you will have to find something that works for you.

According to the Northwest Commission (NWCCU), the following are some direct ways to measure student learning outcomes:

  • Rubrics that can also be used to calculate outcomes (using methodology noted on the Grades vs. Outcomes page in this handbook if you also want to use the rubric for grading)
  • Standardized tests and exams
  • Pre- and post-test design
  • Competency-based demonstration of outcomes
  • Portfolios

There are many examples at LCC of faculty using different methods to directly measure student learning outcomes. If you need inspiration, try speaking with a member of the Instructional Assessment Committee, perusing the Curriculum & Program Review shared Google folder (where all reports are housed), or contacting staff in the Effectiveness & College Relations office. If you need assistance setting up Outcomes in Canvas, contact the eLearning office.

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