Qualitative & Quantitative Measurements

Qualitative & Quantitative Measurements

Federal Measurement

Students receiving federal aid (Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Work Study, Direct Loans and PLUS Loans) will be held to the federal standard and must meet both Pace of Progression and GPA requirements to be in good standing.

  • Pace of Progression is measured cumulatively to ensure a student completes their academic program within the 150% federal Maximum Time Frame (MTF), which is the maximum length of time a student is eligible for federal student aid. Example: 90 credit program x 150% = 135 credits. LCC is required to count the following: 1) credits transferred in from other schools as attempted and completed credits regardless of whether aid was received, and 2) all credits reflected on the student’s LCC transcript as attempted and completed regardless of whether financial aid was received for those credits.

    To meet Pace of Progression, students must complete a minimum of 67% of attempted credits. This is calculated by dividing total cumulative completed credits by total cumulative attempted credits reflected on the student’s transcript.

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) of a minimum 2.0 quarterly, and cumulatively at the end of the 6th quarter of attendance at LCC is required.

State Measurement

Students receiving state aid (State Need Grant, State Work Study, College Bound Scholarship, Passport to College) will be held to the state standard and must meet the following:


If You are Funded for

Satisfactory Progress is Completing

Warning Status

Suspension Status

  Full time / 12+ credits 12 credits 6-11 credits 0-5 credits
  3/4 time / 9-11 credits 9 credits 5-8 credits 0-4 credits
  1/2 time / 6-8 credits 6 credits 3-5 credits 0-2 credits
  < 1/2 time / 1-5 credits Complete All Attempted Credits No Warning Available Less than Attempted Credits
  A minimum quarterly GPA of 2.0 is required regardless of the enrollment level to avoid Warning Status, OR Suspension if the student is already on Warning Status.


  • The Maximum Time Frame (MTF), for which a student is eligible for state aid, is 125%. Example: a student’s academic program is 90 credits in length, 90 X 125% = 113 credits.
  • Students who have received an AA degree or have completed all credits required to obtain an AA, regardless of whether graduation is applied for are ineligible for State Need Grant funding for 5 years after the date they have completed their AA degree. To avoid a repayment of State Need Grant, notify the financial aid office when all course requirements for an AA degree have been met.
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