Expecting a Financial Aid Check?

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Expecting a Financial Aid Check?

Information for students who are expecting a financial aid check after the first day of the quarter.

There are several reasons why your financial aid check may not be available. We hate lines as much as you do, and want to make sure that you don’t stand in line unless you have to! Please read through each reason to help determine why a check you expected may not be available during the first day:

  1. You have outstanding documents that are necessary to process financial aid and have not yet submitted them. Check the Financial Aid Portal to find out what documents Financial Aid is requesting and submit them. If you submitted the documents after the priority deadline, your check may be delayed 3-6 weeks or longer from the date your file was completed.

  2. You do not have a financial aid award. Either you are not eligible for aid or it was awarded so recently a check has not been processed yet. Check the Financial Aid Portal to see if you are awarded. Once you are awarded, the portal will indicate when the check should be disbursed. It will generally be mailed to your address of record via US mail in 3-5 business days.

  3. You were awarded financial aid at an enrollment level that does not match your enrollment level in Registration. Although you do not have to be full time to receive financial aid, this usually occurs because the student has deviated from a full time enrollment level. Financial cannot award the appropriate enrollment level until you are actually registered for classes. Enrollment levels must match in both the Financial Aid system and the Registration system before a check will be processed. To remedy, please provide a copy of your current registration schedule to Financial Aid and your award will be adjusted.
    • You may avoid lines by printing out your current course schedule and dropping it in the drop box by the Admission doors outside the Entry Desk. Indicate on your course schedule that you would like your FA award adjusted.

  4. You are or were on a waitlist for a course. Due to the waitlist, your enrollment levels do not match in the Financial Aid Office and Registration and check was not processed. Once you are registered for the class and enrollment levels match in both offices a check will be processed automatically provided that other funds have not already been disbursed via another check. If some funds have disbursed to your account but not the full amount the Financial Aid Office must order a check for you. Notify the Financial Aid Office to order your funds. If you decide to drop the waitlisted class, notify the Financial Aid Office to adjust your award.
    • You may avoid lines by printing out your current course schedule and writing on it that you need your award adjusted due to waitlisted courses. Submit this via the Drop Box. The Drop Box is to the left of the front doors of the Admission Center near the One Stop Center.

  5. You are in your first quarter at LCC and have been awarded a loan. If this is the first quarter you have ever attended LCC and you have been awarded a loan, your loan check will not be available until at least 30 days after the first day of the quarter. During this time, you will be held in your classes and you do not have to pay your tuition and fees. However, you must make other arrangements to purchase your books.

  6. You added and dropped multiple classes. You have added and dropped classes so many times forcing the system to calculate and recalculate your funds that the system stalls on cutting a check. Be purposeful about the classes you are adding and dropping, try not to make adding and dropping a daily event and realize it may impact when your check will be available.

  7. You already paid your tuition using personal funds while you were waiting for your financial aid award. Notify the Financial Aid Office or Cashiering to order a check for to disburse your aid.
    • To avoid lines, you may notify the Cashier or you may email Financial Aid or leave a written request in the Drop box outside of the Admission Building, near the One Stop Center. Be sure to include your full name and student ID #.

  8. An agency outside of LCC paid your tuition. This may be CAP, L&I or any other number of agencies. Please let the Cashier know this and the cashier will notify the Financial Aid Office to order a check for you once the agency has paid your tuition/fees. The Financial Aid cannot order a check until the agency has paid.

  9. You are participating in a Consortium Agreement between LCC and another school. If the agreement was processed by the Financial Aid Office within one week of the start of the quarter, the check will be delayed by at least 3-5 business days.

  10. The correct Social Security Number (SSN) must be present in the Registration system. If none of the above situations pertain to you, please make sure your correct SSN has been provided to the Registration Office.

  11. None of the previously described situations applies to you, yet you are still missing your check. All remedies have been tried and the check still will not cut. Occasionally the 30 year old system that WA State uses stalls out, usually when too many changes have been made to a student file. In this case a hand-check must be processed, which is a manual process and takes a minimum of 2 business days.
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