Class Schedules

Class Schedules

How to use the Online Schedule

  1. Go to and hover over ‘Current Students,’ then select 'Current Students Home.'
  2. Click the 'Classes' icon.
  3. Click 'Schedule – Online' for the quarter for which you are registering.
  4. Click the subject you are considering (i.e.: ENGLISH):
    1. Scroll through the page to find the course in which you are interested.
    2. To view the class description, available seats, or pre-requisites, click on the 'Details' button.
  5. Select the class(es) you want by putting the course ID and four digit item # on your EVF (for example: MUSC& 105 #2705).

How to make a schedule change

When a schedule change (add/drop) needs to be made, the following process MUST be followed:

  1. Determine any deadlines related to adding/dropping classes.
  2. Stop by the Running Start office to get a copy of the add/drop form, or find it on the Running Start forms webpage.
  3. Meet with your high school counselor to discuss class schedule changes and complete the form.
  4. Have your high school counselor sign and date the form.
  5. Have your parent/guardian sign and date the form.
  6. Student needs to sign and date the form.
  7. Return the form to the Running Start office.
  8. Check your class schedule online to confirm requested changes were made (log in to ctcLink to check your schedule).

Changes that alter the course subject will not be made to the student's schedule based on emails, phone calls, text messages or voicemails from students, parents, counselors, or school district representatives. The state requires all changes to be documented with required signatures on forms.

The only exception to this process is when you make a lateral course change that is only impacting the instructor, day or time of the class, but not the subject.

For example: Your Algebra II class at the high school gets moved to 6th period, so now you need to take ENGL& 101 at 9:00am instead of ENGL& 101 at 1:00pm. This would not require you to go through the add/drop process, so the change could be made via email.

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