General Information

General Information

Rights, responsibilities & Student Handbook

All students including Running Start are bound to Lower Columbia College’s academic rights and responsibilities policies. For more information about plagiarism, academic grievance, and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) please see the Student Handbook at

Student ID (SID)

  • All students at LCC receive a ctcLink ID number and free ID card. The ID card is issued in the Admissions Center Building (ADC), Room 151, next to Advising. The ID gets you into plays, music concerts, and league sports on the LCC campus. It is also used in the Learning Commons and for tutoring services. There are several businesses who offer discounts to college students with their ID, so keep it with you and don’t be shy to ask about student rates.
  • Each quarter you must go to the One-Stop Center, Cashiering, Registration or Bookstore, show your current class schedule, and you will get a new sticker that proves that you are an active student for that quarter.
    • If you lose your student ID card there is a replacement fee for each new card.

Parking permits

  • If you park in an LCC parking lot you must have a valid permit. Permits are available in Cashiering in the Admissions building. Your tuition and fees must be paid before parking permits are issued.
  • You only receive one free permit per year. If you do not have a permit you will receive a $40 ticket. If you get a ticket and it goes unpaid, you will be blocked from registering and will not be able to access your transcripts.
    • If you lose your parking permit there is a replacement fee for each new permit


LCC publishes a new catalog every year. The catalog lists all of the degree programs at the College and the courses you need to complete those degrees. It also has the description of every class offered at LCC, as well as the prerequisite/s for the class. From the LCC homepage, hover over "enrollment" and select "catalog" from the drop down menu.

LCC Learning Commons/University Center

  • Inside the Alan Thompson Library is the LCC Learning Commons (library), tutoring center, e-Learning department, and the University Center.
  • The Learning Commons provides Library and tutoring services. For details go to the library homepage at and select services from the top menu; scroll down to Library or Tutoring Center to access services.
  • E-Learning is where you get help with Canvas. On the Current Students homepage, go to Online Services. At the bottom is Online Tools and a link to CANVAS.

The University Center has advisors and representatives from CityU, Concordia, Warner Pacific, Washington State University-Vancouver, and more. They are great people who are ready and willing to assist you with transferring from LCC to their institution. On the current students homepage select Campus Buildings & Centers on the left menu. Choose University Center at the bottom of the list.

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