Other Registration Processes

Other Registration Processes


When a class has met its capacity during or after priority registration, a waitlist is started. The waitlist is a list of students who want in that class and are willing to wait and see if a spot opens. When enrolled students drop from the class, people on the waitlist are moved up on the list during the open waitlist period.

If you are on a waitlist and do not get on the class roster by the first day:

  1. Attend the first day of class with a “pink slip” (available in the Running Start office).
  2. Approach the instructor and ask to be added to the class. Tell them your position on the waitlist.
  3. Once filled out and signed by the instructor, bring the “pink slip” to the Running Start office.
  4. If they won’t sign you in, come to the Running Start office to set up an alternate plan.


  • You can add and/or drop a class without having the class show on your transcript through 10th day of the quarter.
  • After the third day of the quarter, you need instructor’s permission to add any class.
  • Everything you do after the 10th day will be included on your official college transcript.
  • After the 10th day of the quarter, if you decide to not complete a class then you will need to withdraw. Withdrawing will show on your transcript as a “W” instead of a grade, but will not affect your grade point average (GPA).
  • Each quarter there will be a published final date to withdraw in the class schedule. These dates are set by LCC and apply to all. If you miss the cutoff date you will receive the grade issued by your instructor.

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