Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

What does Running Start cost?

  • The Running Start program covers the cost of tuition as long as you do not exceed the credit amount set by your high school. Running Start does not cover your fees, books, or supplies.
  • Each quarter your high school counselor will determine (based on the classes you are taking at the high school) how many tuition free credits you can take at LCC, and they will note that information on the EVF. The more classes you take at the high school, the less you can take tuition free at LCC.
    • For example, if your high school determines you can take 12 credits at LCC, but you register for 15 credits, the cost of the three credit difference becomes the responsibility of the student/parent.
  • Running Start only covers the cost of tuition for college level classes (classes numbered 100 and above).


  • Running Start students must pay fees. Fees are similar to taxes and the amount charged to each student is determined each quarter based on your class schedule. You can find a breakdown of what fees are collected on the LCC website. You can also go to the LCC cashier and ask for a detailed receipt each quarter.
  • Not all fees are the same. Distance education (online) classes or classes with labs (like sciences), have higher fees, because they require more materials or have operating costs that are higher than other classes.
  • Any tuition/fees owed must be paid by the due date noted or you risk being dropped from your classes.
  • If there is anything owing on your account, you won’t be allowed to register for the next quarter and your grades and transcripts will be frozen.

I was billed tuition! WHY?

There are a few reasons that you may be billed for tuition:

  1. If you decide to take more credits at LCC than your counselor determines you are eligible for, then you have to pay for the overage.
  2. You decided to take a pre-college class like Math 88/89 or Nursing 90.

If you see tuition charges other than noted above, please contact the Running Start office for clarification.

Free/Reduced Lunch

  • If your family is enrolled in the federal free/reduced lunch program through your school district then you are eligible for some assistance at LCC.
  • To prove your eligibility you must fill out the free/reduced lunch form that is available on the LCC Running Start forms webpage and get it signed by a high school official; or you can bring in a copy of the official letter from the school district that states you qualify for free/reduced lunch.

Once your paperwork is turned in, your fees will be waived by LCC and you are able to take additional credits tuition free, and may also be eligible for our book loan winter and spring quarters.

Book Loan Program

  • The Book Loan Program is available to those students who receive free/reduced lunch assistance. Once you have completed the paperwork noted above you will be able to print out a book loan application from the LCC Running Start forms webpage. Simply turning in your paperwork to show that you qualify for free/reduced lunch DOES NOT automatically make you eligible for the book loan. A separate application must be completed.
  • If you meet the book loan qualifications and turn your application in by the designated deadline, you will be eligible for help with your books for fall, winter and spring quarter (the book loan may not provide all books needed).


LCC accepts cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard. Payments can be made in the LCC Cashier’s office in the Admissions Center, over the phone, or online. There is a payment plan you can sign up for each quarter. More information is available on the Online Services page of the LCC website.

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