Welcome to LCC

Welcome to LCC

Running Start program information

We are excited about the upcoming school year at LCC and all the great new students who have become a part of the Running Start program! While the transition from high school to college may seem overwhelming right now, we want to assure you that the Running Start office and staff will be a resource to help you from start to finish. It may be scary to become more independent, but we ask that you take ownership of your responsibilities in the program whether it be making your own appointments, or simply asking us a question.

This handbook includes:

  • Steps to register for classes.
  • How to use the online schedule.
  • How to make a schedule change.
  • Important Registration Processes.
  • Cost/Fees.
  • Online Services.
  • How to qualify for Math at LCC.
  • General Information.
  • How to communicate with our office.

Our processes are slightly different than regular non-running start students, so it is important that you follow the specific Running Start student procedures for your success. Please refer to this document throughout your time in the program.

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