Costs and Tuition

Costs and Tuition

How much does the program cost?

  • Running Start only covers the cost of tuition for college-level classes (those numbered 100 and above).
  • The more classes you take at the high school the less tuition free credits you get at LCC and vice versa. If you take more than what is allotted, you will have to pay for the excess tuition.

Are there other expenses?

As a Running Start Student you are also responsible for:

  • All college fees. Fees are similar to taxes and cover costs for facilities, gym, security, tutoring and other student necessities.
  • Transportation (free city transportation with updated student ID).
  • Books, supplies, or tools (for vocational classes).

Can I get help paying for my fees and books?

Yes! If your family qualifies for the federal free/reduced lunch program through the school district, then LCC is able to help you with a fee waiver and our Book Loan Scholarship. 

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