Next steps

Next steps

I’ve been accepted, now what?

  • Schedule a meeting with your high school counselor.
  • Fill out the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form with your high school counselor. This form can be found on our website.
  • Attend, with your parent or guardian, a mandatory Running Start New Student Orientation. The orientation lasts approximately two hours and will cover important details about your experience at LCC. You will be dropped from your classes if you and your parent/guardian do not attend an orientation.

What if I qualify for free or reduced lunch at my high school?

  • Complete the Free/Reduced Lunch form, or obtain a copy of the official letter from the school district as proof of eligibility for the program to have your fees waived.
  • Apply for the Book Loan Program (must be completed at the end of each quarter). Please keep in mind that simply filling out the Free/Reduced Lunch form or submitting the letter does not automatically qualify you for the Book Loan Program, there is a separate application you must complete. More information will be provided once you are in the Running Start program.

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