Core Theme One: Workforce and Economic Development (2020-21 DRAFT)

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Core Theme One: Workforce and Economic Development (2020-21 DRAFT)


Key Performance Indicators

1. Provide quality professional/technical education for employment, skills enhancement, and career development. a. Student performance
b. Demonstration of program competencies
c. Licensure/certification rates
d. Placement rate in the workforce
2. Partner with business, community groups, and other educational entities to provide workforce development and customized programs and services. e. Employer satisfaction
f. Relevance of programs
g. Client assessment of programs and services


Strategic Initiative: Refine and revise our program mix to better serve the community, ensure that all students have access to viable career pathways, and expand our mission to incorporate bachelor of applied science degree programs.

Planning Category Annual Priorities
  • Explore second Bachelor of Applied Science degree program.
  • Update Paraeducator program to align with Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education.
  • Increase number of available Nursing program spots.
  • Revamp Commercial Driver's License (CDL) program, including addressing program sustainability.
  • Analyze disaggregated data to reduce equity gaps in professional/technical programs.
  • Educate constituents to build support for the new Vocational Building.
  • Continue to implement safety improvements in industrial trades labs.
Student & Community Engagement
  • Implement GraduationPlus collaborative initiative with K-12 partners, including offering regular FAFSA workshops.
  • Identify sustainable model and partners for the Lower Columbia Regional University Center.
  • Create opportunities for recruitment of Career Connected Learning and returning adult students.
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