Running Start students and their parents are saying great things about the Running Start Program at Lower Columbia College, including how much money they are saving. Read more!

Ashley Hall


Ashley Hall

LCC Class of 2017

Math Achievement Center Staff, Lower Columbia College

“In college you get to branch out, prepare for your own future and not do what everyone else is doing. It sets you up for success!” — Ashley Hall

“Running Start lit an intellectual spark in my daughter that wasn't possible at her high school. By the time she finishes her four-year degree at a university, we will have saved over $40,000." — Ashley's Mom.

Jamie Skeie


Jamie Skeie

LCC Class of 2014

Chemical Engineering, OSU (Class of 2017)

“Running Start saved me a lot of money, plus I developed great study habits. The class intensity may be daunting, but it's worth it!” — Jamie Skeie

“Our family saved at least $6,000 and two years of time as a result of my daughter's participation in Running Start.” — Jamie's Mom.

Laura Hayes


Laura Hayes

LCC Class of 2008

PhD Candidate in English, University of Iowa.

“LCC was the best place to spend my last two years of high school. It benefitted my personal and professional development!” — Laura Hayes

“Two of my three children participated in Running Start, saving our family around $61,000!” — Laura's Mom.

Sam Hansen


Sam Hansen

LCC Class of 2001

Systems Software Engineer, Google

“Running Start was a very rewarding challenge. It helped me out when I attended university later, while saving me around $33,000.” — Sam Hansen

“We had five college bound-children. Sam's ability to earn 90 credits at no cost was a big savings!” — Sam's Mom.

Elizabeth McCarthy

LCC Class of 2016

Psychology / University of Washington (Class of 2018)

“I had incredible teachers at LCC who really inspired and pushed me to think about controversial topics and the world in different ways” — Elizabeth McCarthy

“Running Start introduced my daughter to a challenging and exciting world of ideas that was not available in her local high school” — Elizabeth's Dad

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