Sam Hansen

Sam Hansen

Class of 2001

“Running Start was a very rewarding challenge. It helped me out when I attended university later, while saving me around $33,000.” — Sam Hansen

Sam Hansen, LCC Class of 2001

Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Western Washington University (Class of 2008)

Systems Software Engineer, Google

“Looking back, I'm really glad I did Running Start full-time. I found it a rewarding challenge that helped me out a little later on when I attended university. Looking at my current university catalog, the savings works out to $33,660 worth of credits. It's absurd not to take advantage of over thirty-three thousand dollars' worth of money from the state.” — Sam Hansen

Sam’s Mom (Marie Wise)

“My husband and I had five college-bound children, and although we planned, saved, and invested in the GET program, we certainly did not have enough to cover all their expenses. My son's ability to earn 90 college credits without paying the tuition was a big savings in the overall cost of his degree. With the cost of tuition getting higher and higher every year, it just makes sense to participate.” — Marie Wise

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