Meet your 2021-2022 ASLCC Officers!

Your associated student government officers work to create an interactive, fun and welcoming environment for students and community members on the LCC campus.

If you have an issue or idea you'd like to discuss, want to know about student events and activities, or learn how to become a student leader, visit the ASLCC offices upstairs in the Student Center or call the Student Government phone at (360) 442-2450. Email addresses for individual ASLCC officers are found below.

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Executive Director

Sarah Tran

Photo of Zoie Norris, ASLCC Chief Justice Director

Chief Justice Director

Zoie Norris

Hi! My name is Zoie Norris and I am the Chief Justice Director for this year's ASLCC team. 

I've lived in the PNW my whole life and this is my 2nd year in the Running Start program. Before coming to LCC I was homeschooled so transitioning from that to public school, especially during a pandemic, was definitely character-building. I am always up for a challenge and always down to learn new things, so it has been a neat experience. 

Some of the reasons I was drawn to the Chief Justice Director position include my (slight) obsession with stationary, as well as my love for organizing and scheduling. I am also the oldest kid in my family so I have been in charge of everybody following all the rules and regulations for about 15 years now. 

In my free time I am likely working on one of my what I call "old soul" hobbies. Anything from working on a cross-stitch project and listening to Frank Sinatra on my record player to watching Jeopardy! and falling asleep at 8pm, I'm about it. I have range. 

I am insanely grateful for the opportunity to directly serve the students of LCC and I hope to make a lasting impact on campus.

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Student Affairs Director



Public Relations Director

Laura Tagg 

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Diversity & Equity Director


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Graphic Design Director


Photo of Lydia Shaw, Activities Director for ASLCC

Student Activities Director

Lydia Shaw

My name is Lydia Shaw and I’m the Activities Director for ASLCC!!!!

So a little about me, I’m a Running Start student and I’m a senior in high school, though it feels more like I’m in a twilight zone of high school more than a particular grade. I am an avid artist that is mostly spontaneous in my choice in medium. I have drawn with graphite, water color and oil based pencils, crayons (Crayola forever!!!) and charcoal. I have also painted with watercolor though the results were messy at best, acrylic, and I have dabbled in oil paint. Overall my favorite medium to dream about is oil paint because the colors are so naturally vibrant and I really like the waxy smell. My other hobbies include landscaping my backyard, cooking and gardening flowers and vegetables. Believe it or not I kind of have a love/hate relationship with my garden and plants depending on how close they are to my room. Weird, right?

I’m so excited to be able to meet you all during this year! Fingers crossed that we can be able to do activities in person!

Feel free to email me about activities you all would like to see put on this year!

Photo of Taylar Madden, ASLCC Fitness Activities Director

Fitness Activities Director

Taylar Madden

Hi, I’m Taylar Madden! I am the Fitness Activities Director for this year and I’m excited to be meeting new people and planning super fun student activities! Even with the COVID restrictions we may have, I hope that we will be able to conquer those obstacles with amazingness and become better for it. I think it is important to connect with other students and staff and to keep up with activities- especially when it seems more difficult to do those things.

About me… I am a running start student from Castle Rock and will be receiving my AA along with my high school diploma at the end of the year. Some of my favorite things to do is play tennis, watch movies and listen to/play music. I also enjoy trying new things. Recently I learned how to do some basket weaving, how to crochet and how to run 3 miles straight! I know I will continue to learn new things in this position and I’m excited for that!

Yuuki Matsunari, ASLCC Clubs and Orgs Director

Clubs & Organizations Director

Yuuki Matsunari

Hello! My name is Yuuki Matsunari. I am the Club and Organization director.

I am an international student from Japan, and I am majoring in Computer Science at LCC. I had started learning on LCC in September 2019. At that time, I could not speak even easy English, and I did have no idea how to lead the life of a college student. However, ASLCC helped me to spend an enjoyable time in College through activities and clubs. That is why I joined ASLCC and became the Club and Organization director.

I am pleased to become one of the ASLCC members, and I can help people via clubs and organizations activities.

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Finance Director

Y Ta 

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 Richard Arquette, Director of Student Programs & Student Housing

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