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ASLCC Diversity & Club Chair: Octavio Camba

My name is Octavio Camba. This is my second year at LCC. I'm a Dodgers fan and I like motorcycles. I would like to work in the realm of Health and Human Services and social services with focuses on disabilities and mental health. As Club Chair I would like to foster more social trust, such as what researcher Robert Putnam has studied. Basically, my goal this year would be to have more people talk to each other and join more clubs, strengthening a community around the college, not simply spend time on their cell phones, avoiding others and feeling alone. Social trust makes our neighborhoods safer and our democracy stronger.

By having club membership, we can, in small ways, make our country better.

Please feel free to contact me at:

Diversity & Club Chair

Diversity & Club Chair

Octavio Camba

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