ASLCC Diversity Chair: Antonisha Love

I am Antonisha Love, the new Student Government Diversity Chairman. I like to consider myself a healer, because I have a green thumb and magical hands. I am interested in natural herbal medicine; right now perusing chiropractic therapy, but long to learn everything there is on alternative medicine.

My mission is to provide Lower Columbia College with a more down to earth aspect on diversity. Encouraging students how to liberate themselves from priorities that are valueless and counterproductive. I believe we can become stronger in diversity as a school. My mission is to pay it forward by using strength from everyday struggle to lift not only our students but our community as well.

I am from incense sticks and Turkey bacon, sneaking Christmas with my mom, hiding food during Ramadan living with my dad and long letters to prison. I am from baptized at 7 to Shahada at 16, from moving up and down i5 just to find a home. I am from a Puerto Rican Muslim father, A Baptist single mother; both from drug affiliated lives of California. To be exact I was born in Oakland, California but raised in the evergreen state. Strengthened from a broken home I can now call family.

My goal in life is to heal. To heal those who are struggling with the diseases doctors negligently inflict. To stop people from relying on the credibility of a doctors who prescribe drugs, instead of alternative medicine. Mainly heal those struggling from drug abuse. My goal in life is to heal people from the toxicities that are ruining their lives and breaking their families by using natural herbs and organic therapy.

In my spare time I do yoga, Buti yoga and Pilates with associates and hangout with enlightened like minded people who strive to make the world a better place. We believe writing and education can bring people together, because it gives people a chance to say what’s inside without critical judgement. We provide a safe zone for LGBTQ and other people who feel out of the societies social norms. The people I associate myself with are all leaders and all have open minds and hearts.

I am Antonisha love soon to be Dr. Love of alternative medicine.

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Antonisha Love

Diversity Chair

Antonisha Love


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