ASLCC President: Jacob Roes

My name is Jacob Roes and I am from Kent, Washington. I am entering my second year at Lower Columbia College and my sophomore year as a pitcher for the Red Devil baseball team.

Aside from baseball, I enjoy playing and performing music. I currently play acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and the drums. I also enjoy physical fitness and studying many areas of fitness and nutrition for fun. Being involved in sports has shaped my bittersweet relationship with fitness and nutrition. I would consider myself very hard working and determined.

My personal goal for this next year is to achieve another 4.0 GPA for the year and be able to transfer to an Ivy League school or another highly academic honored school while still being able to play baseball. I would like to receive a degree in business and complete a Law degree during my graduate schooling. After I have completed my education I would like to be part of and eventually start my own law firm and represent different companies as a business lawyer.

As President for Student Government I want to continue to represent and make Lower Columbia College a fantastic and enjoyable place to receive a higher education. The value of being at community college is the ability to be actively involved within the surrounding community. I plan to get involved and connect with different charities and businesses around the community. I also want to continue to make the campus and student life better and better by working with students and staff to fulfill the needs of the campus. Overall I, along with the rest of the great members in Student Government, will work to make Lower Columbia College one of the best, if not the best, community colleges to attend.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

ASLCC President


Jacob Roes


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