ASLCC Vice President of Activities: Marissa Gardner

Hello Fellow Students! I am Marissa Gardner, I was born and raised in Silver Lake, Washington.

I went to high school at Toutle Lake High School about a half hour north of Longview, near the base of Mt. St. Helens. I played basketball, volleyball, and softball throughout my high school career. Sports are a huge part of my life, currently I am on the women’s basketball and softball teams here at LCC. Other than sports my hobbies include hiking, swimming at the river, any outdoor activities, eating, and hanging with friends. 

At LCC I am getting my pre-requisites for Physical Therapy, and will apply for a PT program after I have completed my bachelors. After I have gotten my doctorate I will either work at a physical therapy practice or become a PT for a Pro team. My life goal is to open up my own PT clinic or practice.

While on Student Government I plan on broadening my social group, get away from the athlete group a little and expand to all types of social groups. I plan on getting students involved in the activities we put on here at ASLCC and being able to relate and help all types of people. I am an extremely social and outgoing person so feel free to approach me if you have questions, ideas, or just want to say Hey!

If you have ideas for fun events on campus please contact me:

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Marissa Gardner


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