Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors are a team of students who work by supporting Outreach and the One-Stop Center, to support students interested in attending LCC, students who are working through the first steps of enrollment and supporting the retention of currently enrolled students.

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Read through the Student Ambassador job description:

Want to apply to be on the 2021-2022 Student Ambassador team?

Applications are open April 5th - April 30th, 2021

Have questions?

Join us online in Zoom to ask questions! Or you can email Kristy Gutierrez:

Quotes from an Ambassador!

"My favorite part of being a student ambassador is learning more about the various processes and systems, which has allowed me to better help fellow students, along with navigating my own college experience." ~Thomas '20-21

"Being an ambassador has given me a renewed appreciation for the community that is always working hard to help students behind the scenes. It is a very special feeling to be a part of that community and provide a current student’s perspective." ~Allegra '20-21

"The best part of being an Ambassador is helping students and then seeing them throughout the quarter, knowing that I am there if they need me. I gained a family in the other Ambassadors and I loved learning from them!" ~Kym '19-20, '20-21

"Students may feel lost at times and scared to ask questions, but that is where Student Ambassadors come in. As an Ambassador you have the credibility to say "I've been there", and you know how to empathize with each person you help. With this position, it allows you to become more open and understanding of the services for both you and others, which will help if you go to a university or have a job later in life." ~Maekaili '19-20

Contact Outreach Services

Located in the Admissions Center, Room 114. Please call (360) 442-2495 to schedule an appointment or campus tour. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours.

 Nicole Faber, Outreach Manager

  (360) 442-2495


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