HEAL Counseling Club: Expanding the Role of Counselors-In-Training

Mission Statement:

HEAL (Helping Educate All Lives) seeks to create a supportive and collaborative environment for counseling students in a college setting. The club’s mission is to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that counseling students face in academic, clinical, and professional endeavors. HEAL aims to cultivate member-development in self-awareness, therapeutic understanding, and achieving greater accuracy in reaching diagnoses, while also providing mentorship, resource-sharing, and community outreach opportunities.


To realize its mission, HEAL will facilitate various activities and offer resources including seminars, workshops, mentorship opportunities, field trips, and community outreach opportunities. In addition to these activities, HEAL will create opportunities for further engagement through social events and team-building activities. Events will include hosting guest speakers from various fields of mental health and substance use disorder counseling and treatment to expand upon the topics of biopsychosocial health, holistic care, integrated care, and other aspects relevant to the counseling field including substance use disorder. This will provide members with more information about career pathways, subspecialties, and networking opportunities that may be of value to students during their time at Lower Columbia College.


HEAL is unique in that it seeks to provide additional and necessary resources to an underserved population and recognizes that counseling students may often feel overwhelmed and isolated during their academic, clinical, and professional training. HEAL strives to assist its members by providing them with necessary support and motivation to expand their skillsets and pursue their desired career pathways in substance use disorders and mental health counseling fields. HEAL is not limited to those in mental health fields and is open to all students at Lower Columbia College who would like to learn more about counseling, substance use disorders, and other resources within the mental health community.


HEAL is on CANVAS! You can join us by contacting jspalding@lowercolumbia.edu.


Contact HEAL Counseling Club

  Julia Spalding, Adjunct Faculty & HEAL Counseling Club Advisor