Multicultural Club Event
Multicultural Club Event
Multicultural Club Event

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The Multicultural Club's mission is to enrich the community by broadening the perspectives of its members. We are concerned not only with awareness of diversity, but also with increasing the way in which it is engaged.

Cultural competency is a continuum and we are interested in working with individuals at all levels. Club members spend time reaching out to the campus at large, as well as exploring details of its members own relationship to diversity. Having a mind opened with a sense of wonder, rather than one that is closed by belief, is a principal we work with. See Diversity & Equity

Club members go on cultural trips designed to investigate, celebrate, and immerse ourselves in the world of others in an attempt to learn more about our own culture as well as others. Members attend workshops and field trips designed to aid the student's ability to engage diversity as a singular member, or as an organizational force pursuing social justice and equality.

Each member is encouraged to explore their own role on how they want to define the club's mission and purpose. We work on developing the whole person in hopes they will move beyond LCC and contribute what they learned as a global citizen by thinking globally and acting locally.

Events and Activities include:

  • Native American Heritage Month
  • Intercultural Week
  • International Festival
  • Students of Color Conference
  • Women's History Month
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
  • Speakers/Lecturers
  • Performers/Entertainers

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Multicultural Club

Meeting Schedule

Mondays 2pm-3pm

Student Center
Room 201


Email Richard Arquette for club information.

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