Weld Devils

Mission Statement

The Welding Club exists to enhance the student experience at LCC by promoting and becoming active in campus and community activities through individual and team projects in the welding shop.

Weld Devils Bylaws


Please keep in mind that we are not a business. We enjoy representing our college and providing small services for the community. In order to learn our craft and gain real-world experience, we take on a variety of projects for the community. We repair broken items, build new projects, and create metal art for our community members. All we ask for is a small donation to our club that covers material costs.

We also occasionally represent our club and welding department at Lower Columbia College functions and local city festivals by selling the metal art we create. On a very small scale, we also provide powder coating. We are able to powder coat finish the small projects we create or existing small projects you may already have.



All work that we perform must first go through an approval process. Start by clicking on the RED button below that says "Submit A Request". That will open a Form to fill out. Fill out the form as detailed as you can. Once the form is submitted, our faculty club advisor will contact you to get more details and explain the process from there. Large projects will need a club vote of approval to take on. Our faculty club advisor will explain this process when he contacts you via email.

If approved by the club, the faculty club advisor will explain how much donation is necessary and how to pay that donation to the LCC cashier. Once the donation is received and potential material acquired, work on your project will commence. If the club does not vote to approve your project, the faculty club advisor will explain to you why and what differently could take place for us to approve your project.


Contact Weld Devils


  (360) 442-2958

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