Ever see amazing metal yard art and wish you could make it yourself? Do you have a project that you need to make or repair but don't know how?

Weld Devils offers opportunities for students to learn how to create metal art for themselves … or a place to bring your ideas to have them built or repaired for you.


Check out these projects the Weld Devils are currently working on!

Welding Project Airplane
Welding Project Bicycle
Welding Project Dice
Welding Project
Welding Project
Welded Rose
Welding Project Motorcycle
Welding Project Slinky Dog

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Meeting Schedule

Weld Devils meets in VOC 160. Please contact the club advisor using the information at the bottom of the page for meeting times.

Mission Statement

The Welding Club exists to enhance the student experience at LCC by promoting and becoming active in campus and community activities through individual and team projects in the welding shop.

Weld Devils Bylaws

Contact Weld Devils


  David Pittsley, Welding Instructor

  (360) 442-2958

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