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Abigail Bozarth

Abigail Bozarth

LCC Class of 2020
Associate of Arts - Direct Transfer Agreement

Abigail Bozarth

Abigail Bozarth is receiving a general transfer degree from LCC with a 4.0 Grade Point Average. After graduation, Abby will move on to Saint Martin’s University, where she plans to get a BA in Mathematics. Her goal is to teach high school math and hopes to coach a golf team as well. Eventually, she’d like to get a master’s degree and become a community college instructor.

Scholastic Achievement Awards are presented to the students graduating with the highest grade point average and most rigorous coursework in academic transfer and professional-technical programs, in lieu of a single valedictorian. LCC’s four Scholastic Achievement Award winners for the year will be recognized during the commencement ceremony on June 19.

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