Information about college practices regarding deleting accounts of former students.

Posted: Spring 2024

What’s happening: LCC is no longer able to support email, Google, Microsoft accounts or access to student resources (Library digital content, etc.) of students who have not been active with the college for 13 or more months. We are in the process of closing the accounts, removing access for students who have been inactive with us for 13 or more months.

Why LCC is doing this: In order to comply with state laws and regulations, adhere to licensing/vendor contracts, and to reduce the burden on our technological infrastructure, we are no longer able to support former student accounts indefinitely.

How to keep your account: If you re-enroll at LCC between May and October 1, 2024, your account will be not not be deleted.

How to retrieve your stuff if you don’t plan to re-enroll: If you do not plan to re-enroll but have content that needs to be retrieved after your account has been deactivated, please contact LCC’s eLearning department at 360.442.2520 or the One-Stop Center at 360.442.2322 for assistance. Please note that content of the accounts will be permanently deleted after 20 days.