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Explore bachelor's degree programs available at Washington State University (WSU).

Many students complete an associate degree at Lower Columbia College, then transfer to WSU to complete their bachelor's degree. Students save money during their first two years, because community college tuition is generally less expensive. Upon transferng, they complete upper level coursework at WSU-Vancouver.

LCC and WSU Vancouver have partnered so you can be admitted to both colleges at the same time. See Co-Admission information or contact an LCC or WSU advisor to learn more.Contact information listed below.

Bachelor's degree programs offered at WSU Vancouver include:

Learn more about transferring to a four-year university:

LCC Entry Advising

  Traci Fuller

   (360) 442-2351

  Shalaina Williams

   (360) 442-2355

  Kristy Gutierrez

   (360) 442-2357

  Leszek Cromwell, Health Care Advising

   (360) 442-2425

WSUV Transfer Coordinator

  Tara Starr

  (360) 353-7800

University Center Inquiries

  Vanessa Johnson

  (360) 353-7801

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