Helping job-seekers improve their skill-sets and training credentials so that they may enter, re-enter, or advance in the workforce as qualified employees.

Workforce Education offers a variety of pathways to earn a degree or certificate with an emphasis on in-demand occupations.

Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET)

Opportunities for vocational education and career development for eligible low income students who qualify to receive, or are currently receiving, federally issued basic food benefits.

Career & Employment Services

Job search assistance including resume techniques, interview practice, job search strategies, career related topics, and more. Services are available at no charge, and open to students, alumni and community members.

Cooperative Education

Opportunity to earn up to 15 college credits for work experience in your field of study. Volunteer opportunities, internships, work study and paid employment may apply. It's an ideal way to test out a career before investing in training.

Non-Traditional Credits

Non-traditional credits are available to anyone who has knowledge and experience in a particular area that can be aligned with a specific class offered at LCC. Examples include: work and life experience, formal and informal education, training from in-state, out-of-state and foreign institutions, and military service.

Opportunity Grant

A state funded program designed for students in professional/technical programs who are seeking to improve their skills and prepare for a high demand career. Assistance with funding, additional advising, career tools and overall support provided.

Passport for Foster Youth Promise Scholarship

State funded scholarship program for eligible foster students that pays for tuition, fees, books, housing, transportation and some personal expenses.

Worker Retraining

A state-funded program administered by Lower Columbia College that helps students get started or complete a professional-technical program at LCC.

Contact Workforce Education

  Dani Trimble, Director of Workforce Programs & Career Services

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  Stefanee Bunn, Program Manager, Work First

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  Steven Boyer, Workforce Navigator

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