Save money on textbooks, and get them sooner with AER!

What are Alternative Educational Resources (AER)?

Alternative Educational Resources, or AER, includes all course resources that cost students less than $30. Some AER courses may include resources that are not openly licensed but still reduce costs for students, such as used or inexpensive textbooks, library resources, and other alternatives to costly commercial textbooks.

AER are available to students on college or personal computers. Students who need printed copies can order them at the Bookstore for a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks.

AER may also be referred to as OER (Open Education Resources).

“Thanks to AER, LCC students have saved $500,000 on textbooks over the past year.” — Cliff Hicks, Bookstore Manager


What Classes Use AER?

Look for this symbol in the printed class schedule.

Classes listing this symbol use textbook resources that cost less than $30.

The AER difference

Some commercial textbooks cost more than $200. Many students can't purchase textbooks until after classes start because they are waiting for their financial aid check. With AER, they can have their course resources on the first day of class.

Who selects AER?

Library staff assist faculty in locating and adopting appropriate AER resources.

Contact the LCC Bookstore

The LCC Bookstore is located in the Student Center. Open extended hours the first week of class

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