Center for Vocational and Transitional Studies

digital rendering of new vocational building. brick building, 3 stories, large windows, street view
concept sketch of new vocational building. Brick building, large windows, angled street view
concept sketch of new vocational building. three story brick building with tall windows
concept sketch of new vocational building, brick building, butterfly roof, cars parked in front, front view
concept drawing of new vocational building, brick building, large front windows, trees, seating area, front view
concept sketch of new vocational building, brick building with large windows, night view

Floor Plans

new vocational building location on Lower Columbia College Campus

vocational building first floor floor plans

Vocational building project second floor plans

Vocational Building Project Third Floor Plans

Project Overview

The Center for Vocational and Transitional Studies is a new 46,669 SF three-story facility which replaces four outdated buildings on campus. This building will house the colleges’ Welding, Fabrication and Machining programs, College and Career Preparation programs, Workforce, and Information Technology programs.  

This design is based on the information and program contained in the Predesign Report prepared for the College, dated March 23, 2022, OFM project number 40000106.

The project will be located at the existing Lot C parking lot on the east side of campus along 15th Avenue. A new, similar sized parking lot will be constructed in place of the demolished buildings to the west. The project will be completed in two Phases:  

Phase 1 Demolition of parking Lot C, construction of the new building, access drives to 15th north and south of the building, a perimeter drive around the building, and parking south of the building, service utilities, underground burial of the existing overhead power line and relocation of the campus water line, north of the new building.

Phase 2 Demolition of existing buildings, construction of the new parking lot.

Estimated project cost: $42,728,000. 

Project Details

Project Schedule

  • Predesign Study: October 2021 – March 2022
  • Schematic Design Completion: December 2022
  • Design Development Completion: March 2023

Delayed: Construction funding was not provided in the 2023/25 WA State capital budget

  • Contract Docs Completion for Permit: TBD
  • Permit Application: TBD
  • Complete Bid Documents: TBD
  • Bid/Award: TBD
  • Construction NTP – BP1: TBD
  • Substantial Completion – BP1: TBD
  • Construction NTP – BP2: TBD
  • Substantial Completion – BP2: TBD
  • Final Completion: TBD

Buildings & Facilities Contacts


  Nolan Wheeler, Vice President, Administration

  (360) 442-2201

Capital Projects

 Richard Hamilton, Director, Campus Services

  (360) 442-2263


 Wendy Hall, Vice President, Effectiveness & College Relations

  (360) 442-2491