College and Career Preparation classes are designed for adult students age 16 years or older, who need to earn a high school diploma, prepare for the GED exam, or prepare for college-level coursework.

Students can start any time during the year. Tuition costs just $25 per quarter with financial assistance available for those who qualify. Classes are available in both traditional and online formats, at various locations including Woodland Primary School.

To accommodate students' busy schedules, face-to-face morning, afternoon, and evening classes are available as well as online classes in a variety of formats. Learn more about online class formats.

Students study English and math in the context of science, history, government, occupational education, health, fine arts, and digital literacy.

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$25 per quarter with waivers available.


Start any time with continuous enrollment.

Why take College and Career Preparation (CCP) classes?

  • Earn your high school diploma.

  • Study for the GED exam.

  • Prepare for college-level coursework and entrance exams.

  • Directly place into college-level classes.

  • Gain skills for a better job.

Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) Testing

CASAS is used to assess students' progress and English proficiency. It is a basic skills test that allows students to demonstrate their increasing knowledge and skills. It also helps instructors determine how to proceed with effective coursework. CASAS tests are typically given at the end of the quarter and prior to program enrollment.