I-BEST helps students with a fast track to a career and student success. Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) is a nationally recognized, proven program for student success.  Students in LCC’s I-BEST program excel with twice the support and instruction, learning job skills while earning certificates and degrees in high demand careers.

Students without a high school diploma or GED may qualify for federal financial aid for I-BEST courses with the Ability to Benefit program.

Excel with I-BEST

  • I-BEST students receive twice the instruction and support.
  • 90 percent of I-BEST students pass their classes with a 2.0 or above
  • 89 percent of I-BEST students earn credits attempted
  • I-BEST students earn an average honors level GPA of 3.26

I-BEST students learn in a team teaching environment and have weekly access to up to five hours or more of extra instruction and assistance with an I-BEST instructor.  Credits earned are applied toward two year Associate degrees in high demand career fields. 

I-BEST Instructors:

  • Help with coursework
  • Prep for quizzes and tests
  • Review papers
  • Help with course technology
  • Help with study skills
  • If students miss class or get behind and need help catching or need clarification on assignments

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 No Cost

The $25 per quarter fee is always waived for I-BEST students.


Start any time with continuous enrollment.

High Demand Career Fields

Accounting & Business

  • Business: General Business - Certificate of Proficiency (COP)
  • Business: Retail Management Certificate of Completion (COC)
  • Business Technology: Administrative Support - Certificate of Proficiency (COP)
  • Business Technology: Medical Reception - Certificate of Proficiency (COP)

Teacher Education & Early Learning

  • Early Childhood Education: Associates in Applies Science (AAS)
  • Early Childhood Education: (State Certificate) - Certificate of Proficiency (COP)
  • Early Childhood Education: (State Short Certificate) - General - Certificate of Specialization (COS)
  • Early Childhood Education: (State Initial Certificate) - Certificate of Completion (COC)
  • Early Childhood Education: (State Short Certificate) - Infants & Toddlers - Certificate of Specialization (COS)
  • Early Childhood Education: (State Short Certificate) - School Age Care - Certificate of Specialization (COS)
  • Early Childhood Education: (State Short Certificate) - Family Child Care - Certificate of Specialization (COS)
  • Early Childhood Education: (State Short Certificate) - Administration- Certificate of Specialization (COS)

Health Sciences & Wellness

  • Medical Assisting: Certificate of Proficiency (COP)
  • Nursing Assistant: Certificate of Completion (COC)

Manufacturing, Trades & Transportation

  • Automotive Technology: Maintenance and Light Repair - Certificate of Proficiency (COP)
  • Diesel/Heavy Equipment: Preventative Maintenance - Certificate of Proficiency (COP)
  • Manufacturing: Multicraft Trades - Certificate of Proficiency (COP)
  • Welding: Welding Technology - Certificate of Proficiency (COP)
  • Machine Trades: Certificate of Proficiency (COP)

Contact I-BEST

  Jill Yates/Program Specialist

   (360) 442-2584

  Vocational #102


Mon - Fri: 8 am - 5 pm

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