Portfolio Seminar

Portfolio Seminar is a component of Cooperative Education.

In today's economic climate, employees need to have application materials that stand out in a crowd.

Portfolio Seminar provides students with the skills and tools necessary to apply for and obtain employment.

Students who complete the seminar will be asked to create an employment portfolio, participate in career exploration activities and prepare for job interviews.

Students will discuss and develop the elements of an effective resume, cover letter and letter of interest. Following course completion, students will have the skills necessary to assess job openings in specific geographic areas.

Students who are enrolling for their first term of Cooperative Education Work Experience are required to complete 1 credit of Cooperative Education Portfolio Seminar. To ensure students have the skills and materials necessary to secure a high-quality internship, it is recommended that Seminar be completed prior to applying for work experience, however many students successfully complete Work Experience and Portfolio Seminar at the same time.

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