Internships are a component of Cooperative Education

An internship is an ideal way to apply your course training in a relevant career environment. Add this practical experience to your resume and cover letter in order to display your skills and training.

Securing an internship is easier if you have resources!

Steps to Finding an Internship

  • Talk with your program advisor about internship opportunities
  • Use your Career Center to help you "target" your resume, draft a letter of interest, and locate an internship opportunity in your field of study

How do I express my desire to work with an employer in an internship position?

Professionalism matters! Practice explaining that as a Cooperative Education student, the employer liability is negligible because Washington State Student Liability Policy covers Cooperative Education training.

You have training and skills that make you a great fit for your desired internship position. Make sure that you are able to describe the training and skills that you are offering. In addition, clarify that your internship will allow your employer to consider your training, work ethics, and skill sets as new positions open.

When should I start looking for an internship?

If you have a desired company, start talking with a representative 1 - 2 months prior to the start of the quarter. If you don't have any leads, talk with your program advisor.

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