Start your college classes at the right level!

An accurate placement helps us evaluate your Math and English needs, so that your advisor can recommend the best courses to get you started.

Students who plan to earn a degree or certificate at LCC, or who plan to transfer to a four-year institution, must complete placement testing or equivalent before enrolling. Many placement options available.

  Testing Center Hours:

No appointment needed for Placement assessment! General Testing Hours: M-Th: 10 am - 5 pm in the Admissions Center Testing Lab. Closed for testing on Friday. If you need accommodations, please contact Disability Support Services, 360.442.2340.

Math Placement

Options for math placement include MyMathTest (a test format from a company called Pearson with actual test content developed by LCC faculty), test scores from another college, previous college course work, Smarter Balanced scores, or high school transcripts. Student ID required to access practice account.

English Placement

Options for English placement include Smarter Balanced scores, test scores from another college, previous college coursework, or Directed Self-Placement.

What You Need

  • Photo ID
  • 3+ hours for testing. English and Math do not need to be taken the same day.

How to Prepare for your Math Test

Policies and Recommendations

  • Course placements are mandatory. Be sure to adequately prepare yourself prior to testing.
  • You are allowed one retake. You must wait 24 hours before retesting, and you should prepare beforehand.
  • Placement results expire after two years.

How to Request your Test Scores

Fill out this form and fax it to 360.442.2359.

Request Test Scores  

Testing Alternatives

Already taken college classes?

  • If you have already taken college level courses at LCC, or another institution (especially English or Math), your credits may be transferable.
  • Get your transcript evaluated.
  • Bring a copy of your transcript to New Student Orientation.

Already taken placement assessments?

  • If you took Placement assessments at LCC or another institution within the last two years, you are welcome to use these scores. Scores from other colleges may be faxed to our office at 360.442.2359.
  • Note: LCC only accepts Compass placement assessment results

Math Transfer Agreement

  • If you successfully completed math courses at a local high school, you may qualify to take college level Math courses without placement.
  • Review High School Math Transfer Agreement for details.
  • If you qualify you must bring a copy of your transcript for review with an advisor.

Contact the Testing Center

We look forward to serving you! The Testing Center is conveniently located in the Admissions Center. No appointment is needed. Our hours are M-Th: 10 am 5 pm. Closed for testing on Fridays. If you need accommodations please contact Disability Support Services, 360.442.2340.

 Angel Ruvalcaba/Program Specialist II

  Admissions Center (Testing Center)
  360.442.2353, Fax: 360.442.2359

Testing Office (General Inquiries)


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