Policy 645 - Children on Campus
Policy 645 - Children on Campus

In order to provide an effective educational environment for adults and to ensure the safety of children on campus, Lower Columbia College has adopted the following policy concerning the presence of children on campus.

Persons who do not meet the criteria for adults under the law (adults are defined as over the age of 18 years or an emancipated minor) are restricted from campus or any facility used by the college unless they are:

  1. enrolled in a college class,
  2. studying for a college class,
  3. participating in a college event designated to include children, or
  4. accompanying an adult student or College employee engaged in College business, such as registering for classes, paying tuition, attending class with the instructor's permission, or meeting with College personnel.

However, the following restrictions apply:

  1. Children must be under the orderly and effective control of a parent or legal guardian at all times and must not disrupt students, staff, or class activities. Children without supervision may disrupt the educational process and possibly create a safety hazard for themselves or for others on the college campus.
  2. Children are prohibited from hazardous areas or other areas with significant risk of injury including, but not limited to, the chemistry labs, machine shops, weight room, and ceramics lab.
  3. Children are prohibited in areas where they might present a threat to equipment or materials.

Historic Information

  • Reviewed by Executive Leadership Team - August 31, 2020
  • Approved - June 13, 2012
  • Approved - February 23, 2009
    • Replaces policy 805 approved - June 1990
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