Policy 730 - Data Governance Policy
Policy 730 - Data Governance Policy

College data are assets maintained to support the mission and vision of Lower Columbia College (LCC). The Data Governance Policy formalizes the process for managing the availability, consistency, integrity, quality, security, and usability of information. Appropriate governance for the management and use of data ensures institutional capacity for making data-informed decisions as well as the legal, ethical, and strategic use of data resources, all of which are critical to the college's operations and planning priorities.


“College data” refers to any data elements relevant to the operations, planning, and management priorities of Lower Columbia College. This includes data used in official college, administrative, or compliance reports. To support effective management and data-informed decisions, college data must be accessible, relevant, accurate, and reliable.


Lower Columbia College's Data Governance Committee has the responsibility for managing and maintaining standards for college data. The mission of the Data Governance Committee is to support the accuracy and validity of data collection, reporting, and analysis at Lower Columbia College and to provide guidance for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data throughout its life cycle. This includes, but is not limited to, developing related policies, procedures and standards; resolving data conflicts; evaluating staff requests for access to information; promoting data security; developing common data definitions and standards for use; facilitating communication among data users; encouraging best practices; and ensuring that all legal and regulatory requirements regarding the collection, use, storage, release, retention, and destruction of data are met. The committee will oversee the following components of data management:

  • Data access
  • Data classification
  • Data compliance and regulatory control
  • Data security
  • Data storage
  • Meta-data management 

Historic Information

  • Adopted 1-22-20
Resources/Reference/Procedure Title (if applicable) Unit Responsibility
LCC Committees/Governance Data Governance Committee VP of ECR and Director of IT
SBCTC Data Governance College Resources VP of ECR and Director of IT
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