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BUS& 101Intro to Business5 CR REEL, SOCSS, F, W, Sp

Surveys the business environment and many important elements of business including marketing, finance, accounting, computers, labor unions, small business management, economics, and the functions of management.

Prerequisite: None

BUS& 201Business Law5 CR SOCSF, W, Sp

Introduces the law, sources of law, legal thinking, structure of courts, alternative dispute resolution, basic civil procedure, business organization, government constitutional authority and regulation, agency, employment and criminal law as relating to business, real property and landlord/tenant law, torts, international business law issues and ethics. Includes extensive concentration on contract law including Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Prerequisites: ENGL& 101 OR BUS 119, or equivalent, with a grade of C or better, or instructor permission.

BUS 100Foundations of Business Success3 CR REELS, F, W, Sp

Explores foundational issues for success in college that correlate to success in business. In order to improve college achievement and business acumen, students will learn strategies in reading, study habits, test-taking, communications, mathematics, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Prerequisite: None

BUS 104Business Math Applications5 CR REELS, F, W, Sp

Teaches the use of basic mathematical processes to solve business applications. Topics include percentages, simple interest, compound interest, annuities, markups and markdowns, payroll, trade and cash discounts, banking, and solving problems with equations and formulas.

Prerequisite: BUS 100 or concurrent enrollment, MATH 78/79 with a grade of C or better or CCP 79 with a grade of B or better or instructor permission.

BUS 118Business & Corporate Ethics5 CR REELF, Sp

Surveys current business ethical and personal integrity issues through a case study model. Students develop an understanding of the ethical decision making process, focusing on relevant cases, making considerations through a lens of social responsibility, and current ethical perspectives. Emphasis of ethical considerations will be placed on the digital business environment, artificial intelligence, corporate social responsibility, corporate culture, gender identity, and environmental sustainability.

Prerequisite: None

BUS 119Business Communications5 CR REELS, Sp

Emphasizes planning, organizing, and writing clear, concise business letters. Includes a review of grammar, punctuation, and word usage as applied to written business communication; experience in writing favorable messages. Students will present information orally and prepare a job resume and letter of application.

Prerequisite: ENGL 099 (was ENGL 100) with a grade of C or better or placement test into ENGL& 101.

BUS 144Management of Human Relations: DIV5 CR DIV, SOCSS, F, W, Sp

Introduces and emphasizes the many aspects of human behavior as they affect individuals and groups in the workplace. Teaches human relations skills in the context of understanding human needs, attitudes, perceptions and motivations, workforce diversity teamwork, stress management, and interpersonal communications. Focus is on management of human relations factors within an organization and understanding the effects of discrimination, prejudice, and intolerance, in the pluralistic workplace.

Prerequisites: None

BUS 150Customer Service/Management5 CRS, F, W, Sp

Introduces the philosophy of service excellence as it pertains to organizations in today's business environment. Emphasis is on the effects of globalization, cultural diversity, and workforce diversity in organizations. Topics include developing interpersonal skills, interacting effectively with employees and customers, and establishing positive relationships with employees and customers, in the pluralistic workplace. Students will learn to identify the challenges and advantages of a diverse workforce and diverse customer base.

Prerequisite: none

BUS 159Principles of Retailing5 CR REELF, Sp

Surveys retailing principles and concepts and studies store management, merchandise management, pricing, customer services, advertising, and display.

Prerequisite: None

BUS 165Salesmanship5 CR REELW

Surveys multiple aspects of selling, including the importance of selling and salespeople in business and the rewards of a sales career. Topics include: buying behaviors, the ethical and legal issues in sales, the buying process, the approach, the presentation, demonstration of merchandise, handling of objectives, closing the sale, follow-up and effective sales management.

Prerequisite: None

BUS 207Statistical Projects3 CR NSCI

Provides an opportunity for students to apply the statistical processes learned in MATH 210/BUS 206 by designing their own statistical project. Topics may include nonparametric statistics, sampling techniques, design of experiments and data analysis.

Prerequisite: MATH 210 or BUS 206 with a grade of C or better or concurrent enrollment in MATH 210 or BUS 206.

BUS 240Principles of Supervision5 CRF

Analyzes basic functions of the supervisory-level management along with emphasis on skills needed to be an effective leader/manager of a diverse workforce. Emphasis will be on the differences between supervisors and upper management.

Prerequisite: None

BUS 244Human Resource Management5 CRW

Introduces the fundamental concepts of Human Resource Management, including hiring skills, long-term planning, employee laws, recruitment, staffing, training, compensation programs (both direct and indirect), collective bargaining, employee relations, safety training, health and EAPs (employee assistance programs).

Prerequisite: None

BUS 245Principles of Management5 CRS, F, Sp

Offers the student a history of management and its various theories. Covers the principles and application of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Students also view management from the roles of supervisory, middle and top management.

Prerequisite: None

BUS 259Starting/Managing a Small Business5 CR REELS, Sp

Surveys the characteristics of small businesses, and includes the study of planning and organizing a new business, starting up a new business, producing products or services, marketing, planning, and control. Students are required to develop and present a feasibility plan and business plan for a proposed business.

Prerequisite: ACCT 101, BUS& 101 (was BSAD 110), and BTEC 131 (was CS 121) with a grade of C- or better, or instructor permission.

BUS 264Principles of Marketing5 CRS, W

Presents marketing functions and their roles in the economic process, emphasizing marketing systems, product planning, promotion, and sales.

Prerequisite: BUS& 101 (was BSAD 110) or instructor permission.

BUS 265Advertising5 CRW

Provides an overview of the related fields of sales and advertising. The course encompasses economics of selling and selling processes and studies field of advertising with emphasis on planning, implementing, and controlling the advertising process. (Formerly known as BSAD 270)

Prerequisite: None

BUS 270Introduction to Project Management5 CRW, Sp

Focuses on management principles, methods, and tools to effectively plan and implement complex projects. Includes project scoping, preparation, planning, and monitoring. Covers classical techniques and new methodologies; spreadsheet-based tools; and probabilistic project simulation from strategic, tactical, and operational perspectives.

Prerequisites: BTEC 131 (was CS 121) and BUS 144 with a grade of C or better, or instructor permission.

BUS 288Cooperative Work Experience1 CR - 15 CR

Provides work-based learning experience in a specific program of study. Individualized student outcomes are developed, focusing on behaviors that contribute to workplace success.

Prerequisites: Instructor or Cooperative Education Coordinator permission Concurrent requirements: COLL 289 or BUS 294 must be taken prior to or concurrent with this course.

BUS 290Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship5 CR

Explores concepts in entrepreneurship as well as introduces students to design thinking, human centered design and the theory of change model as an approach to life. It is designed to promote discovery and expand critical thinking as well as provide students with the opportunity to evaluate concepts such as ethics, social responsibility, the business model, financing a new venture, laws & regulations and business governance in relation to entrepreneurial endeavors.

Prerequisites: None

BUS 294Career Success2 CR REELS, F, W, Sp

Provides preparation for pursuing a career in business, business technology, and Information Technology with a focus on self-assessment, job search, application process documents, and interviewing techniques.

Prerequisite: Program Advisor Permission

BUS 299Independent Study1 CR - 10 CR

Offers individualized learning opportunities for knowledge or skill development. Content and expectations are established between the student and instructor, and documented in an Independent Study contract.

Prerequisites: By instructor permission only.

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