Diversity Course List


Course Number Course Name
ANTH& 100 Survey of Anthropology
ANTH& 206 Cultural Anthropology
ART& 100 Art Appreciation
ART 224 History of Graphic Design
ART 227 History of Western Art II
ART 228 History of Western Art III
ASL& 123 American Sign Language III
BTEC 165 Cultural Awareness for Care Professionals
BUS 144 Management of Human Relations
CHIN& 121 Chinese I
CHIN& 122 Chinese II
CHIN& 123 Chinese III
CMST 250 Intercultural Communication
CMST 240 Rhetorical Criticism and Popular Culture
EDUC& 205 Introduction to Education w/Field Experience
EDUC 319 Anti-bias Education
ENGL 140 Intro to Women Writers
ENGL 245 Contemporary Literature
ENGL 246 Rainbow Readers:LGBTQ Literature
ENGL 280 Multicultural Literature
ENVS 150 Environment and Society
HIST& 126 World Civilization I
HIST& 127 World Civilization II
HIST& 128  World Civilization III
HIST 205 History of East Asia
HIST& 215 Women in U.S. History
HUM 104 Ethics and Cultural Values
HUM 164 Cultural Journeys
HUM 210 Myths and Rites
OLTM 440 Ethics and Leadership: Leading and Managing in a Diverse Society
SOC& 101 Introduction to Sociology (Includes WAOL’s SOC& 101)
SOC 210 Human Sexuality
SOC 225 Race and Ethnicity
SPAN& 121 Spanish I
SPAN& 122 Spanish II
SPAN& 123 Spanish III


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