Business Management

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Business Management

About The Program

Entry-level supervisory and management positions require people with a strong foundation in general business, accounting, economics, and computers. The Business Management AAS degree is also designed for people interested in starting a business or preparing for advancement opportunities.

For a roadmap that identifies the preferred sequencing of courses and other specific recommendations from faculty, please see the corresponding program map(s):

Degree Requirements  

Program Requirements

ACCT 101

ACCT 135

ACCT& 201

Intro to Accounting Concepts OR

Accounting F/Non Accountants OR

Principles of Accounting I

BUS 100 Foundations of Business Success 3
BUS& 101 Introduction to Business 5
BUS 150 Customer Service/ Management: DIV 5
BUS 165 Salesmanship 5
BUS& 201 Business Law 5
BUS 240 Principles of Supervision 5
BUS 244 Human Resource Management 5
BUS 245 Principles of Management 5
BUS 259 Start/Managing a Small Business 5
BUS 264 Principles of Marketing 5
BUS 270 Introduction to Project Management 5
BUS 294 Career Success 2


CS 110

Introduction to Business Technology OR

Introduction to Microcomputer Applications



BTEC 131
Introduction to Spreadsheets 5


ECON& 201

Introduction to Economics OR

Micro Economics


Diversity and Distribution Lists are available in the Lower Columbia College Catalog located at

Total credits required to earn this degree: 98-100 with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in the program requirements.

Students completing this program should acquire the following skills and abilities:

  • Communicate professionally in writing and speaking as appropriate to a business work environment. (GS Communication)
  • Apply objective, valid methods of inquiry and problem solving to draw rational, ethical, and coherent conclusions. (GS Critical Thinking)
  • Apply mathematical information to make decisions and solve problems in business. (GS Numeracy/Quantitative Literacy)
  • Interact effectively with individuals and groups. (GS Interpersonal Relations)
  • Perform basic mathematical calculations specific to business activities, such as payroll, taxes, account reconciliation, and financial statement analysis. (GS)
  • Perform basic bookkeeping and accounting tasks using spreadsheets and industry standard accounting software.
  • Gather and analyze data to solve business-related problems. (GS)
  • Identify the relationships between business functions such as accounting, marketing, purchasing, human resources, and operations management.
  • Describe the relationship between economics concepts and business issues.
  • Describe the relationship between business activities and legal constructs, such as Contract Law and the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Compose written business documents, including email, reports, and business plans using industry standards software. (GS)
  • Develop and deliver business presentations. (GS)
  • Collaborate in teams to solve business problems. (GS)
  • Articulate the relationship between human behavior, a diverse work environment, and business outcomes. (GS)
Revised December 2021 (Effective Summer 2022)


Program planning is based on information available at the time of preparation. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with their LCC advisor. Consult the LCC catalog for LCC graduation requirements. 

Students are strongly encouraged to take ENGL& 101 or BUS 119 before enrolling into any 200-level courses.


  • A - Course usually offered all quarters.
  • F - Course usually offered Fall Quarter.
  • W - Course usually offered Winter Quarter.
  • Sp - Course usually offered Spring Quarter.
  • S - Course usually offered Summer Quarter.


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