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About The Program

The Associate in Business degree program is designed for students planning to transfer to a university program in Washington. Management, accounting, marketing, finance, operations management, and human resources are some of the specializations available for those pursuing advanced studies.

Notes to students:

  • You will need to have early contact with an advisor at the potential transfer institution regarding specific course choices in each area (Humanities, Social Science and Business Law or Introduction to Law) and for the electives.
  • It is up to you to check with the transfer institution regarding requirements for overall minimum GPA, a higher GPA in a selected subset of courses, or a specific minimum grade in one or more courses such as math or English.

For a roadmap that identifies the preferred sequencing of courses and other specific recommendations from faculty, please see the corresponding program map(s):

Business Courses (20 credits)

ACCT& 201* Principles of Accounting I 5
ACCT& 202* Principles of Accounting II 5
ACCT& 203* Principles of Accounting III 5
BUS& 201 Business Law 5

Diversity and Distribution Lists are available in the Lower Columbia College Catalog located at

Total transferable credits required to earn this degree: 90 with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0.  A course cannot be credited toward more than one distribution or skill area.

*It is recommended that sequence courses be completed at one institution.

Universities with a lower division Business Law requirement: UW (all campuses), WSU (all campuses), EWU, CWU, WWU, Gonzaga, SMU, SPU, Whitworth.

The following institutions do not require a lower division Business Law course and agree to accept the course taken as part of this degree as a lower division elective, but generally not as an equivalent to the course required at the upper division: Heritage, PLU, SU, and Walla Walla University.

Note 5: International students who completed a business law course specific to their home country must take a business law course at a U.S. institution in order to demonstrate proficiency in U.S. business law.

Students completing this program should acquire the following skills and abilities:

  • Develop an understanding or market economies, supply and demand, cost benefit principles, resource allocation and key microeconomic terms.
  • Analyze macroeconomic theories, fiscal and monetary policy, the banking system and Federal Reserve, factors affecting economic growth and international trade and finance.
  • Apply a variety of mathematical and statistical procedures to accounting, business, and economic data and interpret the results to arrive at informed business decisions.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of our legal system, the importance of contractual relationships, and the ethical implications of business transactions.
  • Work effectively in collaborative/team environments to solve problems and complete projects.
  • Develop skills utilizing common technological tools to conduct research and solve problems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use accounting and business terminology effectively in oral and written communication.
  • Analyze and record business transactions in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, communicate financial information about an organization and financial statement analysis.
Revised March 2019 (Effective Summer 2019)


Program planning is based on information available at the time of preparation. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with their LCC advisor and with an advisor at the college to which they plan to transfer for specific requirements. Consult the LCC catalog for LCC graduation requirements. Most four-year universities require one year of a single foreign language as a graduation requirement.

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